Investment advisor Robert S. Cable has spent decades researching stock market behaviour with the rigour of a scientist.

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Bob Cable discusses his book, Investing on Autopilot, with Jonathan Chevreau of the Wealthy Boomer & Financial Post.

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Using his proven investment strategies, you can build a portfolio with greater potential for gain, lower risk, or both. You can invest, maybe for the first time, with the odds in your favour. And you can do it all on autopilot—with a minimum of time, effort, and worry.

Discover Robert’s money secrets for yourself in his new book, Investing on Autopilot.

Whether you are an inexperienced investor or a professional money manager, Investing on Autopilot is sure to reveal profitable concepts that will give you a decided investment edge.

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"If you want to be a better investor, my unequivocal advice is simple: drop everything and read this book today."

- Bill Good, Chairman, Bill Good Marketing

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